Saturday, September 5, 2009


I’ve figured it out. Yes, I have. The whole problem here is that people are misinformed. Everything is just a misunderstanding.

That’s how the organisers didn’t know about a cow’s head being brought to the protest against the Hindu temple in Shah Alam. Somebody must have gotten his dates wrong and thought it was Hari Raya Korban instead of Puasa. So he brought the best part of the cow to the party. Just unfortunate it turned out to be a party about a Hindu temple.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein was also probably not briefed about the situation properly by his aides. Because he said, “If it can be resolved quickly and can be done with both sides understanding each other ... why would we want to penalise anybody?”

He also said that it was all down to negative publicity and being linked to racial sentiments when the protestors were not being racist at all. He must have thought it was a business deal concerning a plot of land since the protestors wanted to meet the Hindu Sangam guys.

Nobody told him that what had happened was actually all about race and religion and it was unlikely that any meeting would include some masala chai.


At all.

Only after people asked him to resign did he realise the true situation. That’s why he changed his tune later and said that police have investigated and now wants those responsible charged. See, he actually knows what to do if he is properly informed.

Same with the police. They must have not really known what was going on when the 50 protestors popped up that day. In their heads, they have only been briefed about what to do when it is thousands of protestors. Because there are so many, you have to shoot water cannon and tear gas la, even up the odds a bit.

When so few, what do you do? Nobody informed them about how to deal with small crowds, you see.


At all.

I bet even the Attorney-General is confused. Maybe he feels he shouldn’t charge Muslims during Ramadan. Tan Sri Gani Patail must know that in Malaysia there is no right to gather and protest peacefully. The issue, now, is protesting violently and threatening bloodshed. How? Usually if it is something harmless only he knows. Also nobody informed him what to do about this sort of thing.

You got it. Nobody at all. Not even his professor at law school.

This is just one incident and one example. Actually, all the issues in this country can be blamed on misunderstanding.

Just like PAS Youth protesting having the Michael Learns to Rock concert during Ramadan. Of course, at face value, you think it is some Satanic heavy metal group. Rock ma. Actually, it is only some soft pop ballads.

If it was some anti-Islam music, then yes, you should not have the concert at all, never mind during Ramadan. Actually, Michael just wants to tell you he’s not an actor or a star and he would make a good father to a sleeping child.

So we should listen to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed who suggested Chinese papers should be in Malay. See, then everyone can understand Chinese issues.

Next, English papers should also be in Malay. Then Chinese and Tamil and English songs and movies. All dub into Malay. No more misunderstanding. We should also get rid of Malay words with more than four syllables. So difficult to understand, isn’t it? What is “memperkasakan”? Goodness.

After that nobody will misunderstand each other anymore. Everyone will understand.

No more racism. No more protests and riots, no more Western immorality.

This is the solution. Understand?