Tuesday, September 1, 2009


(Star) KUALA LUMPUR: A group of victims of a get-rich-quick scheme has set up an action committee to take legal action against the company allegedly involved in the scheme.

The group, comprising 14 victims, including businessmen, clerks, and even bank workers, met on Sunday to discuss steps they could take against the company. A victim, Azizi Haris, estimated that there were at least 38,000 other investors nationwide who were in the same predicament.

According to Azizi, he invested RM140,000 and had earned about RM40,000 in dividends before discovering that Bank Negara was investigating it. “This is serious because it involves a lot of money and many victims,” said Azizi, who is encouraging other investors facing the same problem to join the group.

Businessman Zaharudin Mohd Din, 54, of Senawang was convinced to continue subscribing to the scheme by the timely dividend payments. “If I knew it was a multi-level scheme, I would not have joined,” he said, adding that he had invested RM66,000.00. Bank Negara raided Noradz Travel and Services Sdn Bhd, along with three other companies in October last year, on suspicion of illegal deposit taking and money-laundering.

Under the scheme, cars are rented out to “investors” for RM3,300 each and they are to be used as limousines to ferry tourists. “Investors” would receive dividends each month depending on how many units of cars they had rented. A single car would bring in a dividend of RM250.

The scheme operated by word of mouth. The company has also conducted seminars and advertised its products in local newspapers.