Monday, October 5, 2009


I was approached by an acquaintance. She has known me for more than a year now, but we have never talked before. But this time, she felt that she had to have a long talk with me.

She told me that she was once entrusted to vote on behalf of troops going on service during the 1990 General Elections. She was told to vote BN for 80% of the votes and the rest is up to her.

She did her job well and as a result BN won all seats with high percentage of postal votes in Malaysia during the 1990 elections. She felt that she had to tell me for it has been a secret she has kept all this while. I asked her to come clean and make public of what she has done. She replied, she cannot because she is now working for a company linked to the ATM. She might put her job in jeapordy especially when jobs are hard to find nowadays.

However, as Harakahdaily had reported below, there are ex military personel who dares to expose the truth. Such as Sargent Abu Kassim who met with the Chairman of the Election Commission and exposed what he had done before.

Firstly, we must give thanks to Retired Sargent Abu Kassim's bravery for exposing such corruption. Secondly, I doubt that the EC will do anything to remedy this situation.

My own information tells me that all postal votes will be delivered to PWTC on every General Election day where they will then be distributed according to UMNO’s whims and fancies. That explains why Abdullah Badawi’s majority would have been just 1k+ but suddenly added by a round number of 10,000 votes on the day of the election.

Postal votes have come to save UMNO so many times. It has saved UMNO/BN all over Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak. It has become UMNO’s main source of definite vote bank. It is untransparent, dubious and almost always one sided in terms of result.

And, why is it that postal votes should cover family members of serving military personel? Aren’t the family members of military personel considered to be civilians? Why can’t they come out from the camp and vote like any other people?

Why is it that members of the military service cannot be allowed to vote like ordinary citizens? Are to we to assume that all military personel are on duty on election day?

It’s clear that UMNO will be using Postal Votes to the maximum since Zahid Hamidi is proposing to set up Territorial Army (TA) camps in every Parliamentary area. I mean, why do we need TA regiments in every Parliamentary areas? Some Parliamentary areas do not even have space for a camp i.e. PJ Utara, PJ Selatan, Bukit Bintang, Seputeh, Ipoh Barat, Ipoh Timur etc.

Some of these areas makes no sense to have their own TA? In built-up areas (FIBUA), regular armies makes the best defenders because the complexities of built-up areas defence is known to any army strategist. Why have TA in urban Parliamentary seats? Also, why do we need to have TA in every Parliamentary areas? It just doesn’t make sense from a logistical or strategic perspective. Not to mention it’s not economical.

Defence should be planned according to terrain, easiness to gain supply etc. Not according to parliamentary districts because that’s not how enemy troops will advance. The enemy will never advance in accordance to our own parliamentary districts.

We will see in the next General Election, on the night of the election, dubious bags of votes will arrive at all counting stations changing the result of the election in favor of BN. These votes will be justified by the existence of various TA camps in all Parliamentary areas.

The Zahid Hamidi plan will be put into motion should the BN re-capture Bagan Pinang with unequivocal majority. To me, Bagan Pinang will be a case to convince top echelon of UMNO that the future of UMNO lies in Postal Votes.

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