Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It is actually a simple conclusion; Pakatan Rakyat just felt that the Indians were not so important anymore as seen in the events that took place in Kg Buah Pala. Even the cow head incident seems to have no effect as that is what is expected from BN but not what is expected with the hoped change in Penang.
We all can condemn as much as we want, but Najib definitely proved to be a better politician than those in the opposition at least in Bagan Pinang as he knew how to embrace and court the Indian society whereas, the opposition became too big headed and discarded the Indian society.
The Pakatan Rakyat thought that through their ineffective Indian mandores, they will be able to harness support. Gosh!!! are they so naïve and blinded. Najib in the other hand inaugurate a runaway organization MMSP and better still, Dr Mahathir endorses it and this has proven that they would rather work with them even it is one of the numerous Indian parties and resolve the issues rather than depending on MIC the so called stalwart Indian representative.
As for Pakatan, it is a simple egoistic run, what can the Indian do. The minute you talk about Kg Buah Pala, it takes a defensive attitude and crucifies those residents rather than working with them for their own deficiency or ulterior motives. For Pakatan, they are after all the minority and those Indian mandores within their sphere will ensure their votes minus the transparency and truth in the people’s mandate for the change. How wrong has this been proven in the Bagan Pinang affair.
Whether Pakatan learns its lesson or not, but definitely BN has learned its lesson after GE2008 and makes concrete efforts to embrace the Indians in whichever manner to ensure that it stays in power even by breaking its own protocols.
Bagan Pinang has been a bellwether for Pakatan when they side track the Indian issues. No doubt the BN government is known for its marginalization and suppression of the Indians, and for that reason, the Indian voted en block under the direction of HINDRAF for the Pakatan coalition in the GE12.
However, if Pakatan thinks that Indian issues can be derailed and put aside similar to that seen in Kg Buah Pala, then they are no different from BN and the Indians rather chose a known devil then an unknown devil.
How Pakatan will move ahead will depend very much on whether they are serious in addressing the Malaysian Indian issues which is far more pressing than the economically sound Chinese and politically assisted Malays at least in their four (4) states.
Let me spare your convoluted mind a thing or two. Why does a Chinese name talk so much about an Indian issue? Simple, I am a Malaysian, my name does not matter but my intention for what is the truth does for a better Malaysian society.